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Flavor of Grace Tastimony Classes

These classes are rich with delicious flavors and satisfying in simplicity. Who said eating healthy had to be boring and tastless?

Start the conference early with our Fabulous Foodie Friday classes starting at 11 am. 
Enjoy a smorgasbord of nutrition with these  cooking classes.

Fabulous Foodie Friday Classes – pre-conference optional event 

All classes include delicious foods, fun cooking tips and nutrition nuggets.

  1. Bread Making 101 – Feeling the knead for some homemade bread? Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a hands-on class on the Bread of Life. From all-American cinnamon rolls to a Taste of Italy’s sausage cheese roll, you’ll learn techniques to make the best bread ever. Learn why Jesus compares Himself to the Bread of Life.
  2. Bread Making 201 – Add some twist, mixes and turns to turn a normal loaf of bread into a masterpiece. Use flavored liquids, fruits, nuts, seeds and beans to add variety and nutrition to your perfect bread.  Class includes grains other than wheat and teaches how to make tasty and healthy food gluten free.
  3. Spill the Beans: One of the most sustainable and satisfying proteins in a healthy are beans and legumes. Adding these into meals can be tricky. Learn fun and tasty ways to add beans into your main course and even desserts.  Taste healthy beans in new ways.
  4. Cooking Basics - Make cooking healthy fun as you learn the tips and styles of preparing, mixing and serving delicious meals.  Whether you are a novice or culinary chef this class will improve your skills while delighting your taste.
  5. Sensational Smoothies - For breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, smoothies are the perfect go-to for quick energy and nutritional balance. The perfect food to include all food groups and enjoy your family begging for more.
  6. Super Foods - What is the first step to get healthy?  Is it - prescriptions, supplements, food, or exercise?  The answer to make the greatest change in your health is FOOD. This class will explore some not so favorites: beets, kale, blueberries and cabbage and share simple tips to preparing these foods in delicious ways so your family will crave 'em. These super foods will surprise you.
  7. Nutrition Secrets - Do you wish your kids (or spouse) ate healthier?  There are ways to get the nutrition in without sacrificing the flavor. Learn simple secrets to making food a cellular delight.
  8. Fabulous Fruits - Loaded with antioxidants FRUITS are a must for healthy eating. Now you can put away the ice cream and start enjoy fruits in new and exciting ways.

Flavor of Grace Conference Classes

Classes may change depending on teachers and total attendance.

All classes include delicious foods, fun cooking tips and nutrition nuggets.

  1. Breakfast Bonanza - Get your family off to a great start with these foods loaded in protein, high in fiber and delicious in flavor.
  2. Power 5 Salads and Famous Cover-Ups  - Are your salads boring?  The power of 5 is the secret to healthy salads.  Learn how to enjoy this delight for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This class will stretch your definition of salad and bring life back to your meals.
  3. Kids Love It - Forget McDonalds - Moms can create foods kids will love. Learn tips to get nutrition in and junk out.
  4. Mediterranean Flavors - Why is the Mediterranean Diet the healthiest diet in the world? Come and learn what makes this a lifestyle that will bring years of health and prevent heart disease. The Mediterranean classis class will delight your taste and challenge new cooking skills.
  5. Couey Challenge - this class, taught by our very own Dr. Couey, gives solid evidence why inflammation can be healed and life can be enjoyed. Dr. Couey will share a simple eating plan that anyone can enjoy while removing inflammation.
  6. Crazy for Chocolate Don’t give up your favorite food;  Enjoy new taste in desserts, bars and everyday delicious foods; learn new favorites for happy endings to the perfect meal. Waist reducing desserts.
  7. Better Brains & Happy Hormones  -  Better Brains and Happy Hormones make for a happy life! Having certain hormones out of sync can severely hamper your quality of life, leading to all sorts of symptoms, including breast tenderness, abdominal cramps, mood swings – even the development of cysts and growths. Come enjoy 4 key foods that bring balance back into life. Hint: Chocolate included!


Check out these fun/tasty exhibits to learn more about healthy eating:

  • Dehydrating Delights

  • Nut Milks

  • Cruciferous Challenge

  • Satisfying Sweeteners

  • Whole Grain Goodness

  • Gluten Free Delicious

  • Organic Cleaning

  • Spill the Beans